Welcome Families!

Whether you are still in school or raising a family of your own, everyone needs a healthy body and mind. Since healthy habits start at home, this section highlights small steps that you and your family can take that can have positive results over the longer term—ranging from increased longevity to better performance in school or at work.

The articles you will find in this section contain ideas and information categorized in the five core areas of our philosophy: inspiration, training & exercise, nutrition, yoga, and health maintenance. They contain practical ideas that can help you start making better choices today. We also have a section for you called “Dad’s Corner,” which focuses on activities of special interest to those who are young (or young at heart!).

On behalf of the entire Take The Magic Step team I am excited to share our insights about what each of us can do to improve our fitness and overall sense of wellbeing via our Take The Magic Step Website and Uta’s Insights. I invite you to Take The Magic Step® with me. I hope Uta’s Insights can serve as an additional source of information filled with personal messages and tips. From time to time, I will try to help guide you with suggested reading selections on this Website to assist you in receiving even more value from our library of articles.

Maybe you and your loved ones are inspired to get healthier with our philosophy that the steps we take today can make us better tomorrow. The first step is to imagine which parts of your life you would like to change, and then to rethink the reasons you feel are holding you back from reaching these goals. Changing any aspect of your life begins with changing the way you think, because your thoughts create your actions, and your actions create your life.