Running To Freedom™

July 2, 2013 By Uta Pippig
Berlin 1989 © Bundesarchiv/Klaus Lehnartz

Dear Friends,

I hope your fitness and training are going well. I have been working on a project that I would like to share with you—“Running To Freedom™.” This has become a wonderful focus of Take The Magic Step. And I hope you enjoy reading the description below.

Take The Magic Step® with me!

Running To Freedom™

© Justin Knight
© Justin Knight

In this history-inspired speaking series, “Running To Freedom™,” I encourage you to explore the desire for change. Together we discover the fundamental tools needed to help you to be the best you can be and, along the way, draw parallels to and strength from your own life experiences. I share insights into how to find the inspiration to reach your goals and embrace the possibilities that arise when you feel freedom within.

Together, we deploy a joyful and passionate approach to visualizing and creating the most desirable way to live. During the presentation, I focus on the excitement of trying new adventures, big or small, and why this can be so rewarding. Expect to have a few laughs, as well, since I believe all this can be playful and cheerful—and some of my stories undoubtedly are funny too.

Leaving behind the unstable political dictatorship in East Germany—and my family, friends, and the beautiful trails I used to run on—to begin a new life in freedom and then being able to participate in and win the historic 1990 “Reunification Marathon” that crossed from West Berlin through the Brandenburg Gate into East Berlin, gave me unique life experiences. Now, I would like to share them with the goal of incorporating additional elements of inspiration, fitness, and life lessons to meet your and each participant’s individual needs, and to help people advance on their paths to improved wellbeing and longevity.

Using my own journey to freedom as a framework for inspiration, I explore the value of freedom today and how it can be felt within you and become part of YOUR JOURNEY to reach goals—emotional, physical, or mental—each accomplished one small step at a time. Together we will examine and more fully appreciate the power freedom can give to individuals and society to create positive change and what this can mean to future wellbeing and happiness.

Sharing the Joy... Berlin Marathon 1995. © Bongarts Sportfotografie GmbH
Sharing the Joy… Berlin Marathon 1995. © Bongarts Sportfotografie GmbH

I added these historical and emotional topics—and memories of heartbreak and triumph—to my seminars in late summer of 2012.

It can be a beautiful journey to discover the certainty that change is possible, and that this belief can empower you to act positively on behalf of your own desire to change. Let us discuss how to overcome the challenges one may encounter on the way to overcoming self-doubt, the struggle to recognize and appreciate one’s own strengths, and the natural fear of not having the ability to consistently stay on a new path.
“Running To Freedom™” may help to fuel your desire to change and take action today by visualizing your improved wellbeing and a more satisfying and healthier lifestyle.

Wishing you happiness, fitness, and good health!

Sincerely yours,

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