Overwhelming Support on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm

By Jörg Wenig

© Camera4
Uta was celebrated on Berlin’s famous boulevard, Kurfürstendamm, where she participated in the 10-kilometer race: Bewag City Night. “Never before have I waved so much during a race. It has been another superb race here, and I was happy to be able to run in front of such a big crowd,” Uta said smiling. Running 35:22 minutes, she has more than achieved her goal of running sub 36 minutes.

“I like running in such races and can imagine participating in these events more often in the future. In the very last part of the race it felt like flying because of the fun atmosphere,” Uta said, and added: “Berlin’s people are wonderful—and it is great to see how fit Berliners are. I will be back in October to introduce my fitness program: Take The Magic Step.”

After signing plenty of autographs, Uta said: “SCC-Running has organized this race really well. The atmosphere, the support of the people and the course—everything was superb.”

A record number of 8,937 athletes competed in the Bewag City Night. Germans, Claudia Dreher (33:16 minutes) and Embaye Hedrit (29:33) won the event.