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Take The Magic Step, LLC® Created in Response to Corporate and Philanthropic Demand for Health & Fitness Program, Expansion of Philanthropic Activities

New York, NY, November 20, 2006

Uta Pippig, Founder – winner of 3 consecutive Boston Marathons, 3 Berlin Marathons and New York Marathon – named President of the new corporation

Uta Pippig, 41, Olympian and winner of multiple Boston, Berlin Marathons, as well as the New York Marathon, today was named President of Take The Magic Step, LLC®, a new corporation. Take The Magic Step, LLC was established to accommodate robust demand for, and further expansion of Take The Magic Step™ Health and Fitness program launched by Pippig in April, 2005. As President, Pippig is responsible for the ongoing development of that program, as well as for the new company’s core philanthropic activities and maintenance of its philanthropy-centric culture and values.

Take The Magic Step™, LLC® is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, and has operations in Concord, MA, Boulder, CO, New York City, Berlin and New Zealand. Existing clients are similarly distributed.

“I feel that this is a pinnacle achievement of my life,” said Pippig. “Creating a new corporation dedicated solely to managing and expanding our Take The Magic Step™ fitness program and through that enhancing our philanthropic and educational activities, is incredibly gratifying to me professionally and personally.” She added, “I have deep gratitude for everyone who contributed the knowledge and inspiration which allowed me to persevere with this over several years.” Pippig noted that running also continues to be a significant part of her professional profile.

Take the Magic Step, LLC’s philanthropic activities are broad. They range from charitable giving involving a variety of local, national and international health and community-related causes and organizations, to providing unlimited online access to the basic health and fitness education components of the Take The Magic Step™ program. Pippig also donates substantial time through in-person appearances and select speaking engagements.

Take The Magic Step™ Health and Fitness program is configured distinctively to meet the disparate needs of corporations, individuals, foundations and organizations, educational institutions, athletes and non-athletes. Corporate programs, for example, are highly tailored and may feature one-on-one sessions between Pippig and participating employees, as well as ongoing direct email communications through which individuals may discuss their progress at a distance. Generally speaking, instruction takes place through seminars, workshops, personal visits by Pippig, speaking engagements and a variety of one-to-one channels.

Take The Magic Step™ program is comprised of four elements. They are:

  1. Motivation: Addresses how to start the process. How to get motivated and stay motivated, set and achieve goals.
  2. Fitness, Health and Nutrition: Smart and balanced nutrition for lasting lifestyle changes. (Not a diet.) For corporations, organizations and government.
  3. Yoga for Performancesm and Stress Management: Using a proprietary system of yoga as a stress management tool. To provide alignment of physical and mental well being.
  4. Especially for Young People: Fitness, nutrition and education programs developed specifically for youngsters.

In addition to leading Take The Magic Step, LLC® and innovating new elements of its offerings, Pippig serves on the Advisory Board of MIT AgeLab. A native of Germany, she became a U.S. citizen in 2004 and resides in Colorado and Massachusetts.

For more information about Take The Magic Step™, LLC®, Take the Magic Step™ Health and Fitness program or Uta Pippig, please contact Michael Draznin at 917.921.1039 or, or call 561.544.4618.