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Uta Pippig Returning to the 35th Anniversary of the Bellin Run

Green Bay, WI, June 7, 2011

Uta Pippig, founder and president of Take The Magic Step®, said she is honored that she will participate in her 15th Bellin Run this weekend—a very special occasion as the famous Run celebrates its 35th anniversary. Uta and her organization are longtime enthusiastic supporters of the health care initiative of the Green Bay community, which sponsors the annual event. A record-setting 18,000+ participants are expected to join in this year’s race celebration on June 11.

“The competition is always so joyous and fun,” said Uta, a previous winner of the famed race, and a two-time Olympian and three-time Boston Marathon champion. “There are sure to be fast times, but the real goal is to help the Bellin Run achieve its unique ambition of increasing overall fitness awareness in the community and of raising money to benefit local health education. I’ve always appreciated that it is a race for the people, by the people, with its special energy and wonderful feeling of camaraderie and community involvement.”

Now in its 35th year, the event has grown to be the nation’s fourth largest timed 10K, with thousands of supporters, volunteers, and competitors coming together each year to raise money for the local Bellin College of Nursing, which is a much needed advocate for improved fitness and health in the community.

Uta is being hosted by KI, the well-known manufacturer of commercial furniture and wall systems and a long-standing sponsor of the Bellin Run. “Visiting Green Bay each year is a fantastic experience for me,” said Uta. “I am able to renew good friendships and support the wonderful people at KI, and on race day I hope to strengthen the resolve of the runners and the residents to be fitter and truly enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

“The group at KI goes out of their way to welcome me and make me part of this great celebration of athleticism and activity. This is a company that supports not just this event, but a company which makes a point of supporting the Green Bay area in so many ways and for so many years. KI was ahead of their time, and their commitment to their community is a model for everyone.

“The unique dedication of the Bellin Hospital and the effort of the organizers of the Bellin Run inspire me to do everything I can to support an event which shares the same philosophy I believe in—using inspiration and community involvement to create a healthier lifestyle. I am truly honored to join forces with such groups.”

Uta will be at the elite athletes’ autographing event during the “All You Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner” at Astor Park on June 10, where she will offer encouragement and autographs prior to the race. On Saturday, June 11, Uta will participate in the race and then speak at the Awards Ceremony. Additionally, this year Uta will join the ”Run a Better Bellin” class on Wednesday evening, June 8, at Bellin Health’s Green Bay Health & Athletic Performance Center, and she will also attend the Schneider National Foundation’s Kids for Running Program prior to the spaghetti dinner on June 10.

The elite Kenyan running team, coached by Take The Magic Step’s nutritional advisor, Dieter Hogen, will again be competing at the Bellin Run this year.

Dieter Hogen, and Take The Magic Step’s foundation co-founder, Michael Reger, will join Uta this year in walking and running alongside participants during the event.

Take The Magic Step® was founded by Uta in 2004 and provides inspirational, nutritional, and fitness counseling to corporations and individuals. Through its Foundation, Take The Magic Step® supports charities, particularly those utilizing fitness and health for better wellbeing.

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