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Uta Pippig visits Boston for 110th Race

Boston, MA, April 18, 2006

Three-time Boston Marathon Champion Uta Pippig will visit Boston for the 2006 Marathon, and plans to mark her trip with the announcement today of her successful web site re-launch,, (formerly, and developments in her trademarked health and fitness program, Take the Magic Step™.

Uta will make her annual appearance at the starting line of the Boston Marathon in Hopkinton to encourage the runners and offer words of wisdom. She will also be commemorating the 10th anniversary of her historic third consecutive Boston Marathon win and the excitement and energy of the fans and runners that day. As she speaks to the runners Uta will try to pass along some of that same energy and inspire them to their best performances.

Uta also celebrates the re-launch of her web site with renewed focus on her fitness and health program, Take the Magic Step™. This multi-tiered approach to healthy living is targeted mainly towards corporate groups, non-profit organizations and schools and has already helped many people. Segments in the Take The Magic Step™ program are designed specifically around “Building a Healthy Lifestyle,” “Motivation & Stress Management,” “Yoga,” and “Corporate Fitness, Health and Nutrition.”

“Take the Magic Step™ is not a quick-fix solution,” said Uta. “It is designed as an educational program that offers gentle lifestyle changes that add up to healthy living. An ideal way to implement the program is through corporations who want to help their workforce better balance their work and personal lives while increasing camaraderie as they pursue a common goal of good health and fitness.” “Uta Pippig’s Take The Magic Step™ program was an educational process that provided me with a whole new way of life,” said Robert Printz, Principal, AVM LP, a Florida investment company that incorporated Uta’s program. “I’ve always wanted to make the right choices for my body, but I never knew where to start. Now I’m able to make the correct choices. I’m not working harder, but smarter.”

As a member of the Advisory Board of the MIT Age Lab, Uta is working to combine the Take The Magic Step™ philosophy with the efforts of the MIT Age Lab to help improve the quality of life in our later years. The MIT Age Lab was created in 1999 to invent new ideas and creatively translates technologies into practical solutions that improve people’s health and enable them to “do things” throughout their lifespan.

For more information about Uta Pippig’s Take the Magic Step™ Health and Fitness program, call 561-544-4618, or go to and click on Take the Magic Step™.

You can also email Uta for more information at