KIMbia Athletics

About KIMbia

Established in 2004, KIMbia is an athlete management company that guides the careers of some of the best distance runners in the world. In Swahili, “kimbia” means “to run.” The company’s name also acknowledges the legacy of the late Kim McDonald, who nurtured the careers of many great runners, including Uta, before he died in 2001. KIMbia operates high-altitude training bases in Iten, Kenya and Boulder, Colorado.

Although the bulk of KIMbia runners are Kenyan, the firm also represents Westerners such as British and American runners. KIMbia also represented Elana Meyer (world record holder in the half marathon) and Bob Kennedy (American record holder at 3,000m and 5,000m) before their retirement.

KIMbia is known within the running world as the management company with a twist. In addition to its widespread charity work (see below), KIMbia is different in that it provides fans with unprecedented looks into the lives of some of the world’s best runners, through the popular ChasingKIMbia video blog site.

For more information, visit KIMbia’s Web site and the ChasingKIMbia blog. To learn more about Kim McDonald, please click here.

Take The Magic Step™ and KIMbia

There are strong links between Take The Magic Step™ and KIMbia. Dieter Hogen coached Uta during her fastest racing years, and he now coaches many KIMbia runners. Similarly, Tom Ratcliffe helped to manage Uta’s career, and he now serves that role for KIMbia’s runners.

Uta is a strong supporter of KIMbia’s athletes when they’re at their Boulder training camp. She leads them through yoga sessions, provides logistical assistance on hard training efforts and offers insight from someone who has been atop the running world to others trying to reach the same pinnacle. Take The Magic Step™ is also a strong financial supporter of KIMbia’s charity work.

KIMbia’s Runners

KIMbia’s athletes are some of the best distance runners in the world. KIMbia’s marathoners have won such prestigious events as the Boston, London and Chicago Marathons. In shorter road races, KIMbia runners have repeatedly prevailed at major events such as Falmouth, Bay to Breakers, Cherry Blossom, Bloomsday and Beach to Beacon. On the track, KIMbia runners compete at the highest level of the international circuit.

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KIMbia’s Management Team

KIMbia was founded by Dieter Hogen and Tom Ratcliffe. Dieter has been a highly successful coach for decades. He coached Uta during her fastest racing years, and now directs the training of most of KIMbia’s Kenyan runners. Dieter is also an expert in nutrition, and counsels recreational athletes on how to achieve maximum wellbeing. Tom has years of experience in athlete management. Before establishing KIMbia, he operated the main U.S. office for legendary coach and manager Kim McDonald. Before his career in athlete management, Tom was a competitive runner, with a marathon best of 2:14.

For additional information about Dieter, Tom and other key members of KIMbia, visit the About Us section of the KIMbia Web site.

KIMbia’s Charity Work

KIMbia is dedicated to using its position in the running world to improve the larger world. The KIMbia Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that funds secondary-school fees for academically promising students in Kenya. The goal of the foundation is to give these students a chance to earn a university degree overseas, and then return home and use their degree to improve their country.

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