Dick Hoyt <br> Hoyt Foundation

Dick Hoyt
Hoyt Foundation

“Uta Pippig is a personal friend and a passionate supporter of Rick and myself and our Hoyt Foundation Boston Marathon team. I have known Uta for many years, but have gotten to know her better over the past five years, since she has taken on the role as coach and training advisor of our Boston Marathon team. Uta is a friendly, warm, and compassionate person and is extremely generous with her time offering coaching advice and invaluable support to our team. Uta is not only a world class athlete but a world class human being.”

Robert Printz
Principal, AVM LP.

“I always wanted to make the right choices for my body, but I never knew where to start. Uta Pippig’s Take The Magic Step program was an educational process that has provided me with a whole new way of life. I am now able to make the correct choices. I’m not working harder, but smarter.”

Corey Hanrahan <br> Lawyer, Law Office of Joshua D. Gruenberg

Corey Hanrahan
Lawyer, Law Office of Joshua D. Gruenberg

“As part of Team Hoyt’s 2011 & 2012 Boston Marathon Teams, I had the privilege and honor of being under the coaching and guidance of Uta Pippig. Her passion for health and happiness is unparalleled. Take The Magic Step is a life changing program for any fitness level. Although I had a solid foundation of wellness Uta and Take The Magic Step helped me elevate my health and fitness by creating a more advanced program designed to help me move toward my long term Boston Marathon goal.”

Greg Babij <br> Marketing, AVM LP

Greg Babij
Marketing, AVM LP

Take The Magic Step reaches beyond the widely discussed benefits of simply exercising and eating right. It is a customized program that begins with an individual’s specific goals, and then teaches the requisite skills in order to attain them. Additionally, Take The Magic Step discusses many cutting edge concepts such as the benefits of food combining and optimizing workouts through order of exercises and length of rest periods. Most importantly, the program takes a very hands-on approach, whether it’s a group trip to the grocery store, or a workout session that emphasizes improving technique. Take The Magic Step is a better way of life!”

Richard Resch <br> President and CEO, KI Company

Richard Resch
President and CEO, KI Company

“At KI, we’re very focused on employee health and fitness, so we’ve invited Uta to our corporate headquarters many times for lunch-and-learn sessions prior to the Bellin Run, of which we are a proud sponsor. She generously offers her expertise and experience to both those competing in the race and those who are interested in learning more about running in general. She is always well received by our employees. I know Uta’s knowledge has inspired me and others at KI to improve our performances.”

Gunter Seeger
 Client of AVM LP

“Uta’s Take The Magic Step program is a life plan that has been working for me for the last three years. This is not a one size fits all exercise and diet program. Uta’s program allows you to focus on your specific problems, such as stress management, weight loss, or fitness, or any other problems that have evolved from modern living. Take The Magic Step enables you to prioritize your biggest problems and overcome them, so it has a dramatic impact on the quality of your life. Uta’s success as an athlete has come from knowing the science behind diet, exercise, and longevity. It is a tremendous program and she is living proof.”

Timothy Cherigat <br> 2004 Boston Marathon Champion

Timothy Cherigat
2004 Boston Marathon Champion

“Uta works hard all the time, she is always very focused. I feel so lucky to be able to train with her. Her work ethic and approach to fitness is inspirational. She has been a huge motivational force for me, and many of the other Kenyan runners.”