Uta Pippig

Founder and President I Writer I Editor-in-Chief

“I believe that the combination of understanding, knowledge, and encouragement can move mountains. My hope is that Take The Magic Step will be a source of inspiration to you while you are searching for a way to better fitness, health and happiness.”

Uta, 55, is an internationally recognized German-born athlete and the founder of Take The Magic Step® and co-founder of the Take The Magic Step Foundation. She is Editor-in-Chief for this Website, worked on design and program development for both, the English and German site, and has contributed numerous articles, greetings, and other material since 2005.

Highlights of her professional running career include capturing the #1 ranking in the world in both the marathon and half marathon, establishing new world bests, competing in the Olympics, and winning numerous major international marathons including the Berlin, Boston, and New York City Marathon.

Today, Uta focuses her energy on Take The Magic Step and on motivational speaking with her “Running To Freedom™,” speaking series, writing, coaching, and both charitable giving and sharing with others the importance of inspiration, education, and determination in achieving overall health and harmony of mind, body, and soul. She also is writing fitness columns for the newspaper DIE WELT and is currently working on her book “Running To Freedom™.”

Uta takes her experience and her unique approach to physical and mental fitness, and focuses these on individual clients and organizations who would like to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, fitness and health. Click here for Uta’s biography. Find information on some of Uta’s running, fitness, and charity events as well as her upcoming speaking appearances here.

How Take The Magic Step has affected Uta’s life:
“It’s so energizing to work every day with such a talented team of contributors! I am truly grateful for this amazing opportunity to share with others my philosophy that even the smallest change can make a difference to overall health and wellbeing.”