Steve Coz

Media Consultant I Manager I Editor

“Take The Magic Step is about you and the possibilities; and hopefully we can give you the inspiration and knowledge to reach out for them.”

Steve Coz is Uta Pippig’s Manager, and handles media affairs and communications for Uta and Take The Magic Step®. Steve is from a publishing background. For 11 years he was Editorial Director for Star, Shape, Men’s Fitness and numerous other magazines.

In 2005 Steve left publishing to form his own company, Coz Media, which specializes in branding existing businesses and marketing new businesses and products, mostly in the wellness field. When not working, Steve, is usually nursing minor scrapes and bruises from paddle boarding and boating, or enjoys his long walks on the beach.

How Take The Magic Step has affected Steve’s life:
“What is neat about Take The Magic Step is that you can start a journey to better wellbeing from any level of fitness, and you become aware of small changes that can be made to build toward a healthier lifestyle.”