Michael Reger

Co-founder I Manager I Editor

“I enjoy helping to make a difference in how people view and act on their health, wellbeing, and hopefully happiness.”

Michael Reger is the co-founder of the Take The Magic Step Foundation and the business and financial consultant to Take The Magic Step, LLC. As a professional in the fixed income securities industry, he began his career at JP Morgan and Cantor Fitzgerald in Manhattan, where he was a trader and manager in the government bond departments for nine years. In 1991, he joined AVM LP, a Florida-based brokerage firm, where he continues to be a principal.

Michael is currently president of Geltech Solutions, an Eco-friendly technology company, located in Jupiter, Florida. When he is not involved in the complexities of expanding the business, Michael, enjoys cycling and playing golf, as well as building and “tinkering” with things at his home.

How Take The Magic Step has affected Michael’s life:
“I now look at nutrition and exercise as a lifestyle rather than a task.”