Jörg Wenig

Contributing Writer I Sports Stories

“I like the concept and idea—teaching people how to get fitter and possibly be able to enjoy life more—plus charity aspects.”

Since our Web site’s inception, German-born Jörg has been contributing a wide range of athletic news and articles. He’s also written for major German and international newspapers, sports magazines, Web sites, marathon organizations, and trade publications. Today, Jörg is taking advantage of the opportunity to work as a freelance sports editor from his home in Berlin, Germany. When he’s not busy writing for clients, this 45-year-old enjoys all types of sports and spending time with his wife and three school-aged children.

How Take The Magic Step has affected Jörg’s life:
“I’m amazed as much by Uta’s extraordinary success as a runner and as by her extraordinary personality. Take The Magic Step is the summit of fascinating and inspiring ideas and projects, with which Uta motivates a large number of people—including me!”