Andy Edwards

Translator and Editor I Sports Stories

“Take The Magic Step gives me the chance to interview and exchange ideas with other people with similar interests in endurance sports and there are always new things to learn!”

Since our Website’s inception, Andy Edwards has been translating our articles and Running Stories from German into English and vice versa. Most recently, he is also been contributing articles for mature athletes. Based in London, the 57-year-old freelance journalist and broadcaster for the Swedish company ‘IEC in Sport’ and the television station ‘Eurosport’ has covered championship sporting events, such as the Olympics, Worlds, and Europeans. When he is not traveling on business, Andy enjoys unwinding with Pilates and reading European literature (he is even an expert in Modern and Medieval Languages!).

How Take The Magic Step has affected Andy’s life:
“I enjoy having the opportunity to interview mature athletes who may not be stars internationally but who have gained insights in how they can pursue their sport into advanced age. Their stories are by no means identical, which ensures there is always a fascination in what makes someone ‘tick,’ both in body and mind.“