Corona Time Out 2020 — Colorado and Berlin (Germany)

April 19, 2020
The bridge to open up the front of the body and strengthen the hamstrings, gluteus muscles and lumbar spine. © Take The Magic Step®

For The Time Being We Can Connect Via Social Media

Due to the current Corona related restrictions my speaking engagements and events are canceled until August 31, 2020. But nevertheless, let’s stay in touch via my social media outlets. On Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, I will share:
  • Updates on my current fitness routine including tips and training advice for staying in shape during this time of adjustments and re-invention.
  • Running related information, cross training, stabilization and weight programs, my yoga routine, and details on how to stay injury-free during this time.
  • And I understand that we have many more friends who started running, so I lay out how to take those first precious steps on your journey to become a seasoned runner.
We also can explore details on how to keep a “Cool Focus” and how to go the “Extra Mile” for success. It will all be done with pictures, videos, and personal messages as well as in-depth information via my columns in the “WELT” newspaper. And you can read some advice to runners — from beginners to elite — on the Berlin Marathon’s Website under Uta’s Running Columns. I will keep you posted on other ideas and projects we are working on like my speaking topics at Speakers Excellence Germany. For details to my speaking programs, go to Uta Pippig. Furthermore, I am currently writing intensely on my book with the title “Laufend in die Freiheit” [Running To Freedom™] which I hope will be published by the end of the year.


There is no doubt that we will see each other soon again. Until than: let’s stay fit together. And stay safe and healthy!





  • Social Media: a few times a week
  • "WELT" column: every third week