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In this section you will find links to blogs, interviews, and noteworthy stories that involve Uta.

The Concord Journal—Alcott Spirit Thrives at 5K/10K

Uta has been an active and enthusiastic supporter of the Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House and its annual fundraiser, a 5K/10K Run and 5K Walk, for the past nine years. This article discusses her involvement and engagement as well as the museum’s Kickstarter campaign for a planned documentary.

Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House Blogspot: Louisa May Alcott & Uta Pippig Team Up for the Annual Orchard House Walk/Run!

Louisa May Alcott, legendary author of “Little Women” and truly one of the first running girls, has been an inspiration to women around the world. In the museum’s blog, Uta was honored by being compared to this amazing women and role model.

The Boston Globe: For Pippig, Chance Put Her on Path to Success

Shortly after this year’s Boston Marathon, Uta visited with the STRIVERS Running Club for Girls in Natick, Massachusetts. The Boston Globe covered their get-together and this article describes how Uta talked with the girls about their dreams and her own running roots. She also gave them running tips and joined them in a few diagonals and even a little bit of yoga especially helpful for runners and beginners.

The Boston Globe: Club Introduces Girls to Joy of Running

Writer Rich Fahey takes the readers inside the STRIVERS Running Club for Girls. He talks about founder Colleen Phelps’ vision and inspiration to introduce young girls to running, and the club members’ care for the wellbeing of others. Uta is one of the many supporters who have been actively encouraging the STRIVERS girls on their journey to fitness and health.

Today Health—Uta’s Marathon Training Tip of the Day: Go Easy, and Do ‘Negative Splits’

Here is another of Uta’s the daily marathon tips for and Natalie Morales, who will be racing up her shoes for the marathon as well.

Today Health—Uta’s Marathon Training Tip of the Day: Taper, Fine-Tune and Keep it Smooth

In preparation for the 118th Boston Marathon, Uta—who won the prestigious event three times—shares daily marathon tips with TODAY Show anchor Natalie Morales and during the last ten days leading up to the race.

On the Eve of the Berlin Marathon, Uta Recalls How This Special Race Changed History—and Her Life

In 2013, the Berlin Marathon celebrated its 40th anniversary. In conjunction with this milestone, Jörg Wenig spoke to Uta about her memories of her triumphs in Berlin, women’s running, and her history-inspired speaking series, “Running To Freedom.” On our Website, you can read an excerpt from the in-depth interview—published in Runner’s World, on the German Road Races Website, and in the program for the Berlin Marathon.

The Boston Globe: Running the Marathon of Freedom

In Uta’s op-ed piece, presented on The Boston Globe Website and in the Globe’s print, the three-time Boston champion writes about the freedom to run, reflects on her East German roots, and shares her personal and emotional thoughts on the tragic events at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

An Interview with Südwestrundfunk Radio

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon attack, Uta talks with German public radio’s SWR Südwestrundfunk about her love for the marathon and the people of Boston as well as the future of this beloved race. She encourages fellow athletes to continue running and to offer support to those affected by the tragedy.

Vail Daily: A Gathering of Great Minds and Bodies

In this feature about the popular “Living at Your Peak” Vail Symposium, Uta gives more insights into her history-inspired session, “Running to Freedom.” Attendees will have the chance to discuss with her the desirability of change and how to reach goals—and also get an invitation to join her running class. Both events will be held at the Symposium’s highly-anticipated health summit.

High Altitude Society: Living at Your Peak Presenters Come for Cycling Race

Together with the “Living at Your Peak” Vail Symposium organizers, Jamie and John Stone, Uta enjoyed watching the USA Pro Challenge cyclists as they finished Stage 4 of their bike race in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Uta will be a fitness presenter at the upcoming health summit.

Uta’s Interview: How to Get Great Workouts in the Summer Heat

In this interview with Newsmax, Uta discusses summer workouts and shares strategies on how to make the most out of exercising in warm weather.

Finish Line Scenes at the Boston Marathon

Emotional scenes and moments from the 116th Boston Marathon, presented by One of the video highlights is an interview with Uta—a three-time Boston winner herself—who discusses the unseasonal heat and the great women’s race.

NBC Olympics—Olympic Flashback with Uta Pippig

Uta reflects on her experiences at the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games in this interview with NBC Olympics.

B.A.A. Moments: 1994—Uta Pippig

As part of their 125th anniversary celebrations, the Boston Athletic Association featured Uta’s first Boston Marathon victory as chapter of their “30 Moments in B.A.A. History” series.

Uta’s Interview: Keep Your Fitness Routine Going!

In this interview with Newsmax, Uta discusses topics such as keeping motivated for your fitness and training, enjoying your workouts, and improving your post-workout nutritional routine.

The Bleacher Report—Corey Hanrahan: Yes You Can Meet the Team Hoyt 2012 Boston Marathon Team

A story about 2012 Boston Marathon participant Corey Hanrahan, with a special tribute to Uta, the experienced and beloved coach of the Hoyt Foundation charity runners.

The Concord Journal—Annual Walk/Run Benefits Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House in Concord

The historic house museum prepares to celebrate its centennial and organizes its 6th annual 5K Walk/10K Run. Uta has been supporting the event and its cause as honorary chair since 2007. In this article, she pays tribute to the Alcotts’ progressive beliefs.

Yes You Can 2011—Team Hoyt Foundation 2011 Boston Marathon Team

A feature about Dick and Rick Hoyt, coach Uta, and the amazing Boston Marathon runners who raised a record $125,000 for the Hoyt Foundation. Please note, this video is not accessible in Germany.

The Bleacher Report—26.2 Reasons Why Team Hoyt Is a Boston Marathon Favorite

A story from the 2011 Boston Marathon with Dick and Rick Hoyt, coach Uta, and the runners of the Hoyt foundation.

The Benefits of Exercise for Children

The “Competitor” Website features an article by Uta emphasizing the importance of exercise for children, and how best to help them achieve fitness.

The Concord Journal—Uta Pays Tribute to Louisa May Alcott’s Remarkable Love of Running

Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House executive director Jan Turnquist speaks with Uta in this interview about her beloved home in Concord, her admiration for Louisa May Alcott and her ongoing support for the Orchard House, which encourages the importance of exercise for a healthier life.

Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House—5th Annual 5K Walk / 10K Run to Benefit Orchard House

As the Honorary Chair of the 5th Annual Louisa May Alcott Walk/Run, Uta wishes the Orchard House and all the participants in this wonderful charity event the very best.

Schuhtick Exhibition—Shoe Stories

Every pair of shoes has their own story and so do Uta’s. Her racing flats—which she once signed with “Follow me if you can”—are displayed in this special exhibition revolving around famous sneakers.

Bellin Run Blog—Elite Athletes Confirmed for Bellin Run

The Bellin Run veterans and former champions Uta, Bill Rodgers, and Joan Samuelson are part of the record field at the this year’s Bellin Run. For Uta, this event marks her 14th time participating.

A Fun Poll! Runner’s World: The Best Looking Female Runners of All Time

Kara Goucher takes the win, but Uta and Suzy Favor Hamilton are runners-up.

Gary Cohen’s Web Site for Runners

In this lengthy interview, coach Gary Cohen talks to Uta about her current Take The Magic Step projects, charity, her past and what the running future holds for her.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel—The Appeal of the Bellin Run

Runners love it, fans appreciate it, and the Wisconsin race keeps bringing back more and more great names from Uta to Bill Rodgers to Joan Samuelson.

Joel Friel’s Blog

Well-known author and cycling enthusiast Joel Friel talks about cycling with Uta, and the joys of a long distance Colorado biking event.

NOVA Podcast—Inspiration and Advice from Uta Pippig

The popular PBS show NOVA followed 13 novice marathoners for many months during their preparations for the 2007 Boston Marathon. Uta was the team’s source for inspiration and practical advice and in this podcast she talks about her philosophy of running, what the sport means for her, and her love of introducing people to her passion.

The Boston Globe: A Stunning Push Near Finish Makes Pippig Three-Time Champ

At the historic 100th running of the Boston Marathon, Uta achieved the amazing feat of winning the world’s most prestigious 26.2-mile race for the third consecutive time—running to victory despite tremendous health difficulties. Award-winning sports writer Dan Shaughnessy was there, and in this article he reflects on her courageous race.